Sunday, February 28, 2010


To practice this technique it’s best to first buy a little white model of a skeleton or to download some pictures of a skeleton from the internet. Then you must memorize what your bones look like from the pictures. You have to memorize them because you have to know what they look like in your visualizations. In the olden days people would go off into graveyards where they would see rotting skeletons all around them, so they didn’t have to memorize anything. They looked, they saw, they experienced detachment because of viewing rotting corpses and they were then able to let go of their bodies and minds to enter Samadhi (the mind becomes still (one-pointed or concentrated), though the person remains conscious) So here’s the basic meditation technique. You visualize all your flesh, meat and organs rotting off your bones or simply being given away to all the ghosts or other beings you owe debts to. Then, starting with your LEFT TOE, you actually visualize all the bones of your body shining bright white. You start visualizing your left big toe, then all the toes of your left foot, then your right foot, then back to your left leg, then right leg and you work your way all the way up your body. After you can visualize your entire body as being just a white shiny skeleton, you let the bones turn to dust so that only dust is left, which blows away to leave emptiness. You first visualize your bones, then let go of everything, and stay in that emptiness to cultivate samadhi. From samadhi you go on to try and realize the stage of non-ego we call “seeing the Tao.” The skeleton method is a powerful meditation technique because it does many things simultaneously. It cultivates your chi, helps you cultivate detachment, teaches you to let go of the image and concept of being a body, teaches joyful giving to others, helps you pay back sentient beings you may owe and so forth. It’s quite common for two things to quickly happen due to this meditation. First, you can gain superpowers easily because you are cultivating your chi. Secondly, because your vital energies rise it’s easy to experience sexual desires and excess energy. Now the topic of sexual desire, which arises because your vital energies arise and start circulating, brings up another meditation method. One of my favorite meditation techniques, which many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have used, is to imagine your body burning away and becoming dust, and accessing emptiness from there. A similar variation is to imagine your body as becoming one brilliant, shining sun and to stay in that one-pointed visualization to attain samadhi. This technique, which often works because it burns the body away and is like staring into the face of one of the body’s chakras, is also very powerful. This technique can help you transform the five elements of your physical body. Try it.